About Us

Substitute Teacher Empowerment & Placement (STEP) is a non-profit program that provides affordable staffing for childcare centers and family childcare settings that serve children ages 0-5. STEP promotes fair wages and professional development for teachers.
STEP will collaborate with Partner Agencies to support and meet their staffing needs by providing a user friendly booking system and a large pool of qualified Substitute Teachers. By joining STEP program, partner agencies can focus on providing quality care for their children and families.

Program Components

A. Administration

STEP has the organizational capacity to support the development of a substitute teachers training and placement program. We will ensure that each participant will be supported with a program administrative structure.

  • Human Resources: recruitment outreach, employment intake, licensing (CCL), medical reimbursement, substitute teachers performance evaluation, user feedback analysis, substitutes and partner agencies’ profile maintenance on the App, individualized professional development plan, managerial issues
  • Fiscal: liability insurance, salary, billing, payment, cost analysis, finance model
  • Technology: online App development and maintenance, technology setup and training, ongoing analysis of program operation
  • Contract Management: maintain contracts with all parties
  • Policy & Procedures: operational guidelines of all aspects (HR, fiscal, technology, contract)
  • Compliance and Reporting: monitoring, ongoing data collection, assure overall compliance, reports to the OECE & CCL

B. Professional Development

A key component to the program is to ensure that the participants are giving ongoing professional development support while they serve as substitute teachers.

  • Ongoing training plan development
  • Establish and maintain an internal training capacity
  • Collaborate with external professional community development stakeholders
  • Provide learning community led by experienced teachers partner agencies